Single Sessions

While our goal centers on helping people build longterm relationships with their dogs, we understand that sometimes a session or two is all you need. For instance, we can easily help with:
– new dog adoptions, purchases, and introductions
– new dog issues such as potty training and chewing
– regular care needs such as nail trimming and travel issues

Intensive Training Bootcamps

For people who can commit to a concentrated training regimen, our four-week, intensive bootcamps are perfect for establishing engagement between you and your dog while learning the knowledge and basic skills necessary for longterm training success. Due to the accelerated nature of the program, all classes must be taught within the allotted time, so additional sessions may be added, if desired.

Customized Training Programs

For people who desire deep, active connections with their dogs, Lucid creates customized programs that emphasize engagement and fun through learning exercises, games and activities that simultaneously promote training and relationship building. Most often taught from the home of the dog-owner, environmental stability, socialization and obedience are all addressed.

Seminars and Retreats

For dog-friendly businesses, churches, neighborhood associations or other groups, Lucid is available for both learning and training-focused seminars. Example topics include: “Hiking with your dog,” “Managing the dog-friendly company,” and “Safe dogs/safe neighborhood.” On occasion, Lucid will organize training retreats for groups of people seeking quality time with their dogs.

  • Thank you Lucid for the great help you have given us with Lucy.  We are so encouraged.  You guys are amazing.

  • The ability to be able to email with any questions I had between sessions has been extremely helpful. They would always give me suggestions and pointers on how to deal with everything, and of course, the little pep talks helped as well!

  • Lucid Dog Training was a lifesaver! We adopted a shelter dog a year ago who came to our home with some anxiety and aggression issues. Lucid helped us understand these issues from our dog’s perspective and gave us tools to deal with them.

  • Also, thanks to the ‘place’ training, Jax is no longer is on top of me at all times during household chores. He knows to go and sit there until I release him. He goes running to it now whenever I ask!

  • We have had a great time working with Lucid and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to address behavioral issues or just to better connect with your pet!

  • Thanks to the training methods, Jax has completely stopped chasing, barking, and lunging at bicycles, even when they go by us on the sidewalks. I honestly never thought we would be able to be in this position so quickly, based on how bad it was before. It has truly been amazing to see his transformation. I can even take Jax shopping inside stores with me, and he has earned the “favorite dog” title by the employees at our local Rite Aid. He has also turned into the best running partner a girl could ask for!

  • Thanks to the training methods, Jax has completely stopped chasing, barking, and lunging at bicycles, even when they go by us on the sidewalks. 

  • They opened my eyes to the capabilities of our dog-things I had no idea she could do.

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